Herb Hess
Three years ago I was less than satisfied with the attention (or lack of) being paid to me by my insurance broker. My account had been turned over to a service desk whose sole responsibility, it seemed, was the timely collection of each year’s premium. Prior to that, it was always a struggle to schedule a review with an agent who was constantly being replaced by another.
John Rigaut politely reached out to me and offered to perform a review of my existing coverage for my business and some income-producing property. I’m sure glad I took him up on it. Within the year I suffered a 100% loss on one of my properties. I quickly learned what would have been the cost of not only being underinsured, but also, over insured. As the valuation on the policy was accurate and fair, there were no issues in resolving the claim quickly and to everyone’s satisfaction.
John’s selection of carrier, policy, insured perils, and coverage limits proved effective in protecting my interests and allowing me to continue with my daily activities without distraction or loss of focus and to remain financially whole. His frequent interaction with me shows me that he cares about my welfare as well as my business and I’m happy to have referred other clients to him for the same consideration. Thank you John!”

Herb Hess
Chief Executive Officer
CNE, Inc.